How can the repairs be cheaper with OEM Spares ? What’s the catch ?

That’s a great question – truth be told – we buy stock lots from some of the largest companies in the world at very very workable prices in bulk – we then utilize these genuine devices for OEM spare parts – that’s how we can remain competitive and yet not compromise on our service quality for you.

So how does this company actually make money ?

Well its quite simple actually – our OEM parts strategy allows us to have a small but yet competitive margin, our overheads are modest – we will reach our break-even point maybe after a longer threshold – we are committed to be long term game players and industry changers – we also have fair margins on all transactions – we really make our money when you become our customers for your repeated device transactions – when you experience service excellence – which is what we are always striving to do so.

Why is recycling important ? What difference does it make ? Why should I repair my old device when I can buy a new one ?

Did you know that every electronic device contains precious minerals like gold, silver, bronze, etc., not to mention a plethora of other materials – when we use and throw or discard our devices ( which we are doing much faster than necessary ) ultimately these devices find their way to landfills – which are dumping grounds into our precious mother earth this contaminates our ground water, quality of crops and damages our environment – by responsibly repairing your devices and making them last a little longer, besides the obvious of saving money that’s one less device going in to a landfill, one less device polluting our precious environment – isn’t it – and that is the difference – so let’s all be responsible – repair more, re use more.

I have never heard of this brand or company before what is their background ?

Our Company expertise lies in the fact that we have built eco systems for some of the biggest companies in the world – been there and done it before at 1000 times the scale where we are today – so all that we are doing is replicating the best of the best practices again for you – on a much much smaller scale but the exact same standards of excellence.


Is it true that most services are simple – and actually a 5 minute job ?

Truth be told let’s say that your iPhone 8 is not charging suddenly – you try out a friends charger even that to your dismay does not work – you rush to the nearest repair outlet – the outcome will most likely be – that they will probably try and sell you a new charger set or worse still tell you that the mother board needs changing – at Fix my Phone the solution is a new toothbrush and a pair of safe guarded tweezers – all we need to do is clean out the dirt from the charging female port – a 5 minute job for free – whilst we certainly lost an opportunity to make money – we gained your trust & more importantly a customer for life !!


Where all is this service available ?

We have started our 4 stores at Mantri Mall, Orion Mall, RMZ Mall & Elements Mall for now – we plan to replicate and have a Pan India capability over the next 24 months with pan India reach.



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